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We feel fortunate to have received reflections from our patients about how Juneau Urgent and Family Care has helped them. Here are some of our favorites from both visitors and locals. 

Visitor Testimonials

I have to say that the staff are very friendly and treats everyone like family, the care given is excellent, and there's nothing more than a caring physician to focus on your health … I give it an A+. 

Alexandria B. (Source: Yelp!)

Resident Testimonials

Thank you for taking such good care of me!

Representative Cathy Tilton (Source: Hand Written Card)

To the crew at Juneau Urgent Care

Thank you so much for your helpful, happy, and professional way you treated me while

 I was a patient there!!

I miss Alaska, and all of you.

It is 102 degrees in AZ today and Im sending you some sun!

– Kathie Brink (Source: Hand Written Card)

I was treated with respect and felt the quality of care was excellent. Everyone was friendly and kind. 

Claudia Sutton (Source: Google Review)

I have had nothing but positive experiences dealing with Dr. Perez. It sure beats the heck out of Bartlett Hospital. I have never had to wait more than a half an hour to be seen. I like that I can surf the internet and watch TV in the room while waiting to see the doctor, it makes time go by more quickly. I have had extreme migraines in the past and at the emergency room they basically do nothing for me. When I get treated at Urgent Care they take care of me until it is gone, and they give me stuff that works to get rid of it. One time at Bartlett they just gave me Tylenol and sent me on my way. The hospital let me leave with a totally light sensitive blinding headache. I went to Urgent Care and they fixed me right up. Thanks

Anonymous (Source: Google Review)

I have seen both Dr. Perez and Dr. Haight. I was very pleased with the treatment I received. Both doctors listened to my symptoms and were accurate in the diagnosis and treatment. The staff is friendly and efficient. I appreciate the availability of urgent care outside of the clinic hours of other practices in Juneau. (I also like their Christmas lights and participation in the 4th of July parades)

Don B.  (Source: Yelp!)
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